How to Get ITIL Foundation Certification in Gurgaon

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It was originally developed in the 1980s by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) to develop a set of standards. In April 2001, CCTA was merged into an office of the UK Treasury – OGC.

ITIL is a set of best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) which helps in the achievement of efficient support & delivery of high-end yet affordable IT services. The ITIL Foundation certification course provides a practical knowledge of the key concepts, principles, processes and functions required for ITSM. The course prepares a candidate to successfully appear for the ITIL Foundation certificate exam.

The ITIL Foundation Certification course covers the 26 ITIL processes under five modules:
  • Service Strategy

  • Service Design

  • Service Transition

  • Service Operation

  • Continual Service Improvement
ITIL certification validates the professional skills of the candidate in using IT as a powerful tool for facilitating growth of a business.
Here is a list of some good books that students can read to earn the ITIL certification:

IT Service Management: A Guide for ITIL Foundation Exam Candidates
Published by BCS and authored by R.Griffiths, E. Brewster, A. Lawes and J. Sansbury, this book is a great learning resource for those who are aiming to clear the exam in their first attempt.

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It would be better to call it a study guide as it helps students in assessing their knowledge level and their readiness to appear for the exam. This is an officially licensed product which is categorised into four sections –the first section provides an overview of the service management; the second section covers different modules of the ITIL lifecycle , the third section provides insight into ITIL processes & functions; the fourth section is all about measurements & metrics.

ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite

Offered by OGC, this book details the five ITIL foundation sections in five stages. It begins with the service strategy, moves on to the continual service improvement stage and covers all other modules in between.
The five books in the suite are interrelated and each stage is connected to the previous level. All discuss about service management as a practice. The ITIL Lifestyle Publication Suite is also available as a PDF.

ITIL Foundation 2011 Exam Reference Book

This reference book is authored by two of the most respected ITIL trainers – Helen Morris, and Liz Gallacher. It elucidates the ITIL lifecycle modules in the simplest of ways that makes it quite easy to understand. There is a generous use of graphics, charts and illustrations which allow students to study on their own. The content is in a logical sequence and is elaborated with real-life examples & questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate understanding.

ITIL Foundation Essentials: The Exam Facts You Need
Authored by a seasoned ITIL principal lecturer,Claire Agutter, this book is a wonderful resource for students for learning. ITIL Foundation Essentials discusses the essentials of ITIL in an organized manner that is straight to-the-point, simple and easy to understand.

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Although the small diagrams may not look pretty yet it is a handy guide for beginners who just want to get an overview of the subject.

ITIL V3 Foundation Guide

ITIL V3 Foundation Guide is a free eBook offered by Taruu, an IT service management firm from Indiana. It is a 45-page handy resource covering all the concepts of the IITL foundation course. Its appropriate use of infographics makes it a great read. It is concise and explains the course essentials in an easily understandable manner. It also serves as an introductory book for beginners and for those who would want to fortify their knowledge with additional resources.

Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam – 2011 Edition
This book is an ideal companion for students pursuing ITIL foundation certificate. Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam is an official publication of ITIL (i.e. by TSO) and is endorsed by the ITIL Official Accreditor.This training guide provides a complete comprehensive overview of the ITIL syllabus. It covers chapters not only on service management and each of the five lifecycle stages but provides information on the exam itself.

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The above list of books is far from exhausting. There are many other resources available for students to improve their knowledge and to help with the ITIL training and certification.


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