Want to get a CISSP certification, but not very sure of the impact it might have on your professional career?  Well! You’ve just come to the right place! We will tell you the topmost reasons as to why get CISSP certification.

What is CISSP certification?

CISSP is an acronym for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. CISSP is a leading IT security certification that has been designed by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2). ISC2 is a non-profit body which specializes in defining the IT security standards worldwide. ISC2 maintains a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for cyber security and offers many other globally recognised IT security certifications.

CISSP is an advanced level certification that has been designed for experienced cyber security professionals who have a proven expertise in managing the information security of an enterprise environment. Getting a CISSP certification training from a reputed institution, such as ITS Tech School, which has been authorised by ISC2, offers greater scope for learning and increases the candidate’s probability of clearing the CISSP exam.

Why get CISSP Certification?

There are innumerable benefits of getting a CISSP certification. Here we shall list the top 5 reasons to get CISSP certified:
  1. Increasing demand for Information Security Professionals: Globally, incidents of breaches in information security have forced an increase in the organizational spending on IT security. Separate budgets for are being allocated especially for IT security, which means there is rise in hiring of infosec professionals.
  1. Wide Career Scope: A CISSP certified professional has capability in handling a diverse range of sophisticated cyber threats and attacks, thus making the individual highly skilled and knowledgeable. There is no dearth of jobs for such a professional who can manage a range of cyber security skills, which include – Asset Security, Software Security, Network Security, Incident Management and Disaster Recovery among many others.
  1. Certification adds Recognition to skills: A CISSP certified individual commands recognition and respect for their skills and knowledge gained through practical experience and getting a certified status. A CISSP exam is not an easy one to crack; however, once it is cleared and the certification is acquired, it is recognised as the Gold standard for IT security worldwide.

What is the Average Salary of a CISSP certified professional?

 The average salary of a CISSP certified professional, according to Global Information Security Workforce Study (2015), is US$103,117.

The benefits of taking a CISSP course from an authorized institution such as ITS Tech School far outweigh the worries and apprehensions you may have. If you want to take your career in information security to a higher level, CISSP will definitely give you the wings!

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