IT Courses & Certification after 12th Exams

CBSE XII Class Results are out, numerous students will be awakening to the acknowledgment that it is high time to choose a course. IT courses offer an awesome opportunity as they are much sought after and can enable people to be actively required in the digital upheaval that is as yet going solid. Here are some valuable courses 12th standard students could decide on.

1. Introduction to Java

Course name: SCJA OCP Java SE 7 Programmer Training and Certification Course

This course gives learning of application development to students. This is an awesome stage to fabricate an establishment in Java programming and know the concepts like encapsulation, abstraction, and inheritance.

Benefits – With the possibility to advance in Java, you could become a Java programmer. Additionally, later on you could be filling in as project or program directors with a working where a top to bottom information of Java will enable you to create practical arrangements while overseeing processes.

2. C#

Course name: 10266A: C# Essentials Training

This course syllabus includes the structure of C# program, implementation, and language syntax. The lower intermediate level programmers take in the learning and aptitudes required to manufacture C# applications. The course likewise covers topics like .NET Framework, utilizing visual studio and C# to create .NET Framework applications.

Benefits – An establishment in C# will prepare you to become system engineers and desktop programmers.

3. Linux+

Course name:  CompTIA Linux+

Linux+ course encourages you win three certifications – CompTIA Linux+, LPIC-1, and Novell Certified Linux Administrator. The topics covered in the course empower you to comprehend the concepts of Linux Products, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Benefits – Once you complete this course you will have the capacity to oversee hardware, configure remote access, mechanize errands, produce record statistics and do other related activities with the learning of Linux. You will become a slaughtered proficient with an abnormal state of ability to take a shot at this intense stage in the software business.

4. Cloud Essentials

Course name: CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Students whose twelfth Class results are out can do this course which will acclimate them with the concepts of cloud computing.

Benefits – As students pick up a top to bottom comprehension of the strategies for cloud administration. They will collect master information on the elements of cloud services from the technical and commercial aspect, which are currently a prerequisite for respectable positions in both the IT and non-IT sector.

5. Virtual Reality

Course name: Virtual Reality with Unity Engine, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift

The course gives hands-on training on the Unity3D engine to create a virtual situation for Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

Benefits - You will construct a solid establishment about the technology of virtual reality and its modern applications. Most appropriate for yearning game designers, this course is a standout amongst the most looked for courses by students.

6. Server+

Course name: CompTia Server+

This course covers topics like software, hardware, storage, disaster recovery, best practices in an IT situation and troubleshooting. Amid this course, you can investigate server system storage alongside disaster recovery concepts.

Benefits – The in addition to purpose of this course is it is a seller unbiased course and acquires aptitudes about web servers and web specific technology. Proceeding, you can become an IT proficient great at installing, maintaining and troubleshooting local territory networks.

7. Security+

Course name: CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

This IT/Computer course after twelfth gives you a chance to apply the learning of data security to genuine networks. You will build up a solid acumen in IT security concepts like identity administration, hazard mitigation and hazard administration, cryptography, security infrastructure, network access control and numerous others.

Benefits – Get adapted to become security experts, security consultants or security engineers. As cyber crimes increases to rise, a career in cyber security can be an exceptionally remunerating choice.

8. Network+

Course name: CompTIA N+

The course gives basic level training in installing, configuring, maintaining, overseeing and troubleshooting a network infrastructure.

Benefits – You will soak up the ability to distinguish characteristics of network protocols, components of LAN and WAN implementation, issues in network security etc. No company today can work without a network overseer, adding to the popularity of this course and the professional stability later on..

9. Mixed Reality

Course name: Mixed Reality (AR and VR) With Unity 3D and Microsoft HoloLens

Doing this course gives you a chance to combine Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality through HoloLens and get a thought of the intricate working of the virtual world. It introduces you to the HoloLens stage and the better approaches to interact with computers.

Benefits – As you learn and actualize motion control and spatial mapping, turn your excitement of knowing and overseeing virtual reality and expanded reality and transform it into a successful career.

In the closures, be that as it may you have fared your twelfth standard board exams, you can stay cheerful realizing that there is no shortage of career choices after the twelfth standard exams. In view of interests and goals, students can choose any of the courses recorded above to construct the perfect base of information and acumen and guarantee a successful career later on.

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