OWASP – or Open Web Application Security Project – is a non-benefit authoritative group that frameworks best practices and rules for planning, making, creating, and keeping up secure web applications. OWASP Top 10 is a project that now and again, discharges a rundown of top 10 things to deal with, amid the product advancement lifecycle to guarantee that the web applications are secure from the earliest starting point.

The OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls 2016 proposes a rundown of Top 10 Critical Areas for Application Security that must be thought about for every product improvement project. Programming applications that are not secure are helpless to outer assaults. Executing web application security is the foremost need for some product advancement projects, and the OWASP people group helps engineers gain from errors of others, so they should know about the most potent dangers and vulnerabilities.

Here is a rundown sorted out by request of significance of a portion of the pointers which must be considered by engineers while making applications:

  1. Intrusion Detection Systems and Logging

  2. Verify Security as early and as often as possible

  3. Validation of all Inputs

  4. Parameterize Queries

  5. Access Controls

  6. Data Encoding

  7. Data Protection

  8. Implementation of Authentication and Identity Controls

  9. Utilize Security Libraries and Frameworks

  10. Exception and Error Handling
Considering every one of these contemplations, web engineers must lead cautious examination and afterward continue further to construct their product applications. OWASP Certification from a presumed preparing focus can light the path for engineers to make the best choice to guarantee security of their product manifestations

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