Microsoft have avowed the new SQL Server 2014 certification and related exams. As the new type of SQL Server is fixated on execution tuning and high availability, they have set the new DB arrange only in the MCSE affirmation gather this time.

Microsoft will circulate new exam prep material about one month before the exams are upgraded.

SQL Server 2014 Certification

As you may know, SQL 2014 goes with these new components:
  • In-memory capacities for improved execution

  • Disaster recovery and fortification by method for Azure

  • Updatable and gathered fragment store records

  • Resource Governor controls IO

  • BI highlights: Power Query, Power Map, Polybase

  • Ceaselessly On in Azure
To reflect the thought of SQL Server 2014 substance in exams 461, 462, and 463, Microsoft Learning has rebranded the MCSA affirmation to MCSA SQL Server 2014. As changes to each individual exam are modest in size and SQL Server 2014 aptitudes, remain essential, display MCSA: SQL Server 2014 certification holders will have their duplicate overhauled in like way to mirror the new accreditation name.

MCSE and Data Platform: Business Intelligence were redesigned April 2014 to consolidate SQL Server 2014 substance. If you earned your MCSE accreditation before this, you won't be attempted on SQL Server 2014 or future releases until your re-certification exam.

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