We have heard numerous things about quite anticipated Microsoft Dynamics AX Product which is AX7. While AX7 still packs the punch of its past adaptations, there are some new fascinating things about AX7 Development that you ought to know.

Presently in AX7 we don't have MorphX/AX Development workspace any longer. Rather, for AX development Microsoft has now given us Visual Studio.

AX7 depends on couple of wordings, which are as under:

  • Component: Element is any Object dwelling in AOT. E.g. Base Enumeration, EDT, Table and so on.

  • Show: A Model is a gathering of components, which we have in past variants too.

  • Bundles: A bundle is deployable unit, which may have various Models.

  • Extend: Projects are the consistent compartments for everything that is expected to construct your application.

With entry of AX7, now we can perform development in AX utilizing two strategies:


Overlaying implies in the event that you alter any component in upper layer, it will supersede its definition, in lower layer. This is the thing that we were doing till AX2012 to alter AX. It fundamentally permits customization of metadata and source code in a higher layer.


It alludes to the idea of broadening existing components, without abrogating those present in different layers. That implies, components won't be modified, rather components will be broadened. By making expansion components, the majority of the customizations and code are put away in a different get together. It just contains the code that was included or changed in the augmentation record.

Before working in Visual Studio we have to do couple of settings which will make the development involvement with AX a little smoother.

Step 1:- Go to AX 7 Options

Step 2:- Set Projects Options

Step 3:- Set Text Editor Options

Step 4:- Set Best Practice Options

Trust this makes your experience of MS progression AX7 all the more fulfilling. Taking in the Development Basics of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 from Koenig will acquaint you with numerous more potential outcomes and a radical new universe of chances you never thought existed.

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