Chef and AWS: A vital organization

AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate is a joint go-to-market exertion between Amazon Web Services and Chef Software, Inc. That implies, both organizations are focused on your prosperity with this administration. We are pleased accomplices and we've been working diligently to present to you the best of what each of our stages brings to the table. Will keep on working hard together and you can depend on observing this offering keep on growing in view of client criticism. Two market pioneers have collaborated to ensure you're ready to (as we've said from the start) "manage the cloud."

Chef Automate as an oversaw benefit

At Chef, we see a pattern with our biggest clients. Since we've changed their associations by helping them discharge code quicker, more secure, and all the more dependably, Chef Automate turns into a mission basic administration. Like any mission basic administration, guaranteeing its accessibility and information trustworthiness requires some serious energy, exertion, and assets. Our Fortune 500 clients need to devour mission-basic foundation and application administration stages as oversaw administrations.

AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate gives a similar level of effectiveness, security, and unwavering quality for Chef Automate that you've generally expected from any AWS benefit. As opposed to second-speculating the unwavering quality of your own equipment or the expediency of your system, you can give AWS a chance to oversee Chef Automate for you with 24x7x365 scope and pay-as-you-go estimating. Let AWS deal with your reinforcements, reestablishes, and programming overhauls. That authorizes you and your group to invest less energy overseeing Chef Automate and additional time concentrating on beating your rivals.

Expand on your association with AWS

AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate is a local AWS benefit. Like any administration you buy from AWS, they are the merchant of record. AWS gives bolster, deals with your administration, and is your purpose of contact for the greater part of your worries. Chef Software Inc. is an AWS accomplice and we bolster their utilization of our items. With AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate, you are expanding on the current relationship you as of now have with Amazon Web Services. Any use of this administration shows up as a detail on your AWS charge. You get all the force of Chef, sponsored by the cloud supplier you definitely know and trust. The greater part of your Chef use is incorporated into one straightforward, simple to utilize, and simple to see area. Like some other basic segment of your application stack, it's a piece of one firm arrangement pack conveyed to you by AWS.

The force of business Chef and the open-source group

This new offering is a simple route for AWS clients to attempt Chef's business item: Chef Automate. With up to 10 free hubs for one year, it's a generally safe approach to rapidly begin and perceive how Chef Automate gives you perceivability, consistence, and a typical work process while dealing with all change over your application arrangements. With AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate, you're likewise ready to utilize the majority of the open-source instruments regularly found in the Chef biological system including Supermarket cookbooks, test-kitchen, InSpec, Habitat, and (obviously) Chef to deal with your AWS framework and applications. You get the chance to influence the best of both universes and begin with the snap of a catch.


It's never been speedier or less demanding to begin with Chef Automate; accessible right now in the same AWS comfort as your other generation administrations.

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